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/bun-see/ • Noun, trademark
A creation and presentation tool with unlimited possibilities for bringing learning to life. Transforming people of all ages into creators, storytellers, and future-ready digital citizens.
Easily bring your critical thinking and creativity to life.
Effortlessly integrate multimedia into lessons and projects to communicate creatively.
Students are able to immerse themselves in content, display knowledge and share their voice.
Buncee Possibilities
Blended Learning
Blended Learning
Writing Activities
Writing Activities
Invitations and RSVPs
Invitations and RSVPs
Library Signage
Library Resources
Booksnaps & Reviews
Easily Create, Express, and Share Your Ideas
Easily integrate media into lessons to increase interactivity and flip the classroom.
Access Premium Graphics
Access our library of 8,000+ exclusive stickers, animations, and templates, or upload your own.
Embed Web Media
Pull Creative Commons Licensed photos from the web or embed online videos without leaving the canvas.
Text, Write, and Draw
Choose from a selection of text to write your message, or draw directly on your canvas to tell your story.
Record Audio
Add voice to your work to personalize your communications.
Why Educators and Students Choose Buncee
“Buncee brings students stories to life! My students love creating with Buncee as it allows them to share their knowledge and creativity in an easy, collaborative and engaging way!”
Shannon Miller
International Teacher, Librarian, Speaker, Consultant
“Buncee is the best and most creative tool! Once you see this amazing website, you will immediately fall in love with Buncee! Buncee is a great tool to use and is a whole new experience that other companies don’t have! Buncee is something that everyone should use! This creation is fast, fun, and easy!”
4th Grade Student
Edison Twp Public Schools
“If the book of What if… is a book without answers, the Buncee app transforms it into a book with no ending. I've never seen an application that so quickly, easily, and effectively, extends the experience of reading a book the way it does. The mission of What If...?360 is to turn ideas into action. Buncee does exactly that.”
Matt Murrie
Chief Curiosity Curator, What If...? 360
“What I love about Buncee is that students create slides with purpose, meaning behind every detail, analyze their own work and have to think critically about how and what they create.”
Karen Festa
4th Grade Special Ed. Teacher, Narragansett Elementary