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What better way to engage students in Literacy Learning than to get them EXCITED about reading and writing?

Well, with the Author’s Corner on – students will do just that! The buncee team is excited to announce their new Author’s Corner. This collection of buncees will offer an expanding content library of authors, songwriters, and their works.

Featured authors share the favorite parts of their creations and what inspired them to become a writer. These artists will inspire students to create their own digital stories!

The Author’s Corner will also offer a dynamic resource of lessons, projects, and discussion ideas. Each author has lesson suggestions and ideas right on their buncees, and teachers can see featured student submissions displaying how those lessons came to life in book reviews, story logs and digital storytelling projects.

We are honored to launch the Author’s Corner with these two remarkable authors and songwriters: Michael Paraskevas and Brady Rymer.

Author and Illustrator Michael Paraskevas has been drawing all his life and has illustrated 23 books with his mother Betty. The mother and son team went on to write three television series, one of which is Maggie and the Ferocious Beast for Nickelodeon. Michael draws, paints, and writes everyday and is now working on a new children’s book. Michael and Maria, his wife, also write and illustrate Lili and Derek, an online daily comic about a Westie and a German Shepherd.

In this buncee, Michael reads his book Taffy Saltwater’s Yummy Summer Day and tells a bit of his inspiration to write books.


Click here to view the buncee

Brady Rymer is a two time GRAMMY nominee and makes joyful, rootsy rock’n’roll for kids and families. His trademark smile lights up the band’s live performances, and it shines just as brightly as his recordings, expressing the warmth, fun, and positive spirit he finds in the family experience.

In this buncee, he sings his song “Just Say Hi” and tells about his inspiration to write this song.

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All of these buncees offer countless lesson opportunities! The following buncee is a student submission based on a character development lesson that was taught after listening to Brady Rymer’s “Just Say Hi.”

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For other great examples of literacy activities, visit our Author’s Corner at and check out our Summer Reading Activities blog.

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